[time-nuts] Arduino Rb NTP server: good news, bad news, a photo

Andrew Rodland andrew at cleverdomain.org
Tue Sep 9 16:09:43 EDT 2014

I've done some more work on the code, mostly in the area of health
monitoring -- it's able to look at whether the GPS is locked, whether
the Rb is locked, and whether the PLL has a good capture, and decide
accordingly whether to enable 1PPS and whether to report a good lock
on NTP. It will holdover on the Rb if it was previously in an ideal
state and the GPS lock (but nothing else) is lost.

I also tidied things up (relatively speaking), moved them into a case,
and took a picture: anyone who wants to see what the build looks like
can take a look at
https://www.flickr.com/photos/hobbified/14999762988/ .

And then, minutes after taking that picture, I shorted something that
I shouldn't have and fried the Due. I think everything else survived
(I see 1PPS and serial out of the GPS, and 10MHz out of the Rb) but
I'm out of business until I can replace that board, and the supplier
is in Australia.


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