[time-nuts] Finally got around to modifying my Fluke 845ab with LED's

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 9 21:20:07 EDT 2014

No web page,  but a little description here.  It has changed quite a bit from the original description.  Now uses TAOS color sensors.     Suppors Melexis IR thermometer chips.  Has 16 bit A/Ds.  Processor is an ATMEGA 1284.  The control program is based on Lady Heather.  Besides LEDs it can also charge/discharge/analyze batteries,  measure power converter/supply efficiency, etc
CIrcuit board:
Sphere in action:
BTW,  the PWM sensor is a silicon phototransistor with not much blue light sensitivity...


> Do you have a web page on the LED analyzer/integrating sphere?


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