[time-nuts] RFTG-u ref(1) stand-by

Martin McGuire martinm at soundtech-lg.com
Wed Sep 10 16:24:57 EDT 2014

wa8ttm.radio <wa8ttm.radio at ...> writes:

> I have the RFTG-u ref(1) and ref(0) with the interconnect cable.  The 
> are working except the ref(1) is in stand-by.  
> How can make the ref(1) active ?
> Thanks,
> Ron

I notice this, but also wonder...

It may be correct operation, as Ref 0 is the default side. Ref 1 only 
becomes active (out of standby) if Ref 0 suffers a fault. At least that is 
how my RFTG works. But he RFTG also has a physical switch to select either 
side as default. The RFTG-U does not have that.

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