[time-nuts] NAA experiments as a reference

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 21:58:26 EDT 2014

OK have been experimenting with a simple vlf receiver for 24 Khz. Using an
HP 3335a as the LO. The Tracor 900 d-msk-r circuit.
I have checked several different ways with locally locked sig gens and such
to insure that something was not running loose locally and I simply do not
see a coherent relationship of the real msk signal.
I do see the smooth transition from mark to space as MSK should be. But I
was hoping to see a 100 Hz somewhat steady signal in phase relationship to
my local 100 Hz reference. Thats absolutely not apparent.
Sorry Paul. I think this method may be a bust. I do like the 1 MW signal

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