[time-nuts] Help understanding an ADEV

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Sat Sep 13 17:36:25 EDT 2014

Hi David,

It's an odd situation.  From the datasheet:

"Note: The DAC module is designed specifically for audio applications and is not recommended for control type applications."

I had hoped that it wouldn't be a problem for driving an OCXO, but my mistake.  The datasheet also notes that the DAC has 16-bit resolution but only 14-bit accuracy.  It didn't seem to have even that at DC.  The PWM version doesn't have any escape clauses.  You set "x" parameters and it's supposed to be 16-bits wide.  Maybe "audio" means within the human auditory passband?


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On 11 Sep 2014 04:35, "Bob Stewart" <bob at evoria.net> wrote:
> I've ordered the PWM version of the PIC, and hopefully, since it's the motor control version (as opposed to the audio version) it will have much better noise performance.
I don't know the PIC but I would have thought chips for audio would be optimised for low noise far less than one for driving motors.
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