[time-nuts] Hi all

Jason Ball jason at ball.net
Mon Sep 15 19:53:37 EDT 2014

I should drop an email rather than just lurking on this extremely
interesting list.

I'm in the process of building my first GPSDO, so I have lots to learn
and am enjoying the education.   This list has been a real eye opener
for me.

I'm a licensed amateur radio operator looking to move up into the
microwave bands, and I spend a lot of time repairing old radio kit for
reuse by other operators.   As such an accurate time reference is
important, hence this project.

So far I've based everything on a number of published sites and
designs to learn the basics before launching into something more
adventurous and am building a simple PLL locked OCXO using a Navman
Jupiter Tu60 GPS and an IsoTemp OCXO.   Together these will exceed the
limitations of my equipment in measurement, so I'll probably have to
build a second one for comparison on the DSO or look into other
measurement methods to validate the results.

Lots to learn...


Teach your kids Science, or somebody else will :/

jason at ball.net
vk2vjb at google.com
callsign: vk2vjb

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