[time-nuts] various question on stability, jitter, PN, ...

Stéphane Rey steph.rey at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 16 15:25:56 EDT 2014

Hi guys,


I told you ! Some questions were to arise...   ;-)


At work I'm working on 1.5, 3 and 12 GHz pulsed systems with pulses length
between 0.1 and 5 us. We are especially interested in phase stability pulse
to pulse (repetition rate) and possibly with minor priority on the length of
the phase pulses, pulse to pulse.


1. When plotting the phase noise response of a CW signal, one can determine
the RMS jitter in ps or fs. I'm wondering what is corresponding to this
value. As it's RMS I would expect this is the square root of the maximum of
the Gaussian distribution of the frequency jitter. Is it right ? If so this
correspond roughly to 1 sigma deviation, right ? 


2. Is there any link between this frequency jitter and the phase jitter ? I
assume no, but...


3. What does bring the Allan deviation plot ? This gives stability vs
integration time I know, but how to make an interpretation of this ? Is it a
way to plot the frequency jitter in a more detailed way than just giving the
rms jitter ? 

 In practical use, for a pulsed system does it mean that only the very short
term jitter is of interest ? 


4. Is the Allan deviation plot a representation of the jitter vs integration
time, meaning there is a direct relation between the RMS jitter computed at
various offsets from the carrier in the PN plot ?


5. Is there a practical way to plot phase noise for pulsed signals ?


That's all for now.

If anyone has clues or can point me into good articles related this would be




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