[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Rollover

Brooke Clarke brooke at PACIFIC.NET
Wed Sep 17 13:32:33 EDT 2014

Hi Matthias:

Trimble thought they had come up with a way to account for GPS week rollover, but the Earth has not cooperated.  See:
Leap-second cure for 1999 GPS rollover problem

Do you know anything about the Northern Telecom GPS Satellite Simulator STR2760?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

Matthias Jelen wrote:
> Hello,
> I got a Trimble Thunderbolt a few months ago and implemented a simple monitor on a MCU to display time, no of 
> satellites etc. on a lcd display.
> While working on this, I found the hint for the upcoming rollover in 2017 in the user manual. I couldn?t find any 
> details on this in the internet - the question for me was if the unit becomes useless in about three years (which 
> would minimize my motivation to put all the stuff in a shiny enclosure) or if simply the calculation of the date will 
> fail.
> So I took the unit to work and hooked it to a signal generator capable of simulating GPS, GNSS etc. systems. As 
> expected, everything works fine until July, 2017. If I try dates later than this, Lady Heather refuses to display time 
> and date. The strange thing is that time and date are still sent in the serial protocol. August 20th, 2018 is decoded 
> as January, 4t, 1999. As expected, time is OK.
> So, hopefully this is only a problem in LH and the Thunderbolt will be usable after July, 2017 - I?d be happy to live 
> with a wrong date.
> Can anyone confirm this observations or does anyone have more information on this topic?
> Thanks a lot and regards,
> Matthias, DK4YJ
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