[time-nuts] new low cost GPSDO module

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Fri Sep 19 14:31:55 EDT 2014

Hi guys,
sorry for announcing a commercial product here, but I thought this might  
interest some in the group:
our new LTE-Lite SMT module has just been announced:
It is a true GPSDO in a small SMT module with very high performance TCXO on 
 it (not your fathers TCXO :) and will sell at less than $50 in 1000 piece  
quantities making it the lowest-cost commercial true GPSDO available  today.
The GPS supports 65 Sats, supports Position and Hold over-determined  clock 
mode, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS), and has a standard deviation spec of  6ns 
rms. It can also discipline an optional external oscillator with an EFC  
range of 0V to 3V.
We also designed a small USB-based evaluation kit with antenna,  
power-supply, cables, etc that we are trying to make available for Time-Nutters  for 
significantly less than $200 (ETA and exact price TBD based on how many we  
will make). If you are interested in the eval kit, please email me directly 
and  do not post your requests to this list please as it disturbs the others.
The performance of the module is quite good (see attached PN, AM  Noise, 
and ADEV plots), and it supports a huge number of output frequencies, as  well 
as 5Hz NMEA update rates.
You can find more info on the website:
  _www.jackson-labs.com_ (http://www.jackson-labs.com) 
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