[time-nuts] Any simple way to get 200 MHz from 10 MHz?

ed breya eb at telight.com
Sun Sep 28 14:56:04 EDT 2014

The best solution depends on the situation. Is this to build into the 
unit? Is it to be permanently applied? Is a DIY solution acceptable, 
and if so, at what level of complexity?

If you happen to have a synthesized VHF generator, just run it from 
the same reference and set for 200 MHz - you'll already know the 
specs too. If you don't have one, or need one to permanently commit, 
you may be able to find a used one fairly cheaply, especially since 
you don't need high setting resolution. For example, a Wavetek 3000 
or 3001 may be sufficient - I have a few of these units, and have 
never paid more than US$20 for one.

If you end up wanting or having to go DIY, then I'd recommend 
building a VCXO with a 200 MHz crystal, then PLL or injection lock it 
to the reference. If you choose to multiply up instead, there will be 
a lot of RF filtering needed to get rid of the intermediate spurs, so 
I'd recommend having at least one crystal filter stage in there 
somewhere. Either way, a crystal should be involved.

A good example of a 100 MHz PLXO is in the HP8566A/B - it is locked 
to the 10 MHz OCXO, and runs pretty much everything in the 
instrument. It wouldn't be too big of a stretch to make one for 200 MHz.


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