[time-nuts] OT - Adding Opt 010 to HP 53132A

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Wed Apr 1 21:46:36 EDT 2015

I have a 'new to me' standard 53132A, S/N 3736Axxxxx, Firmware Ver. 3703,
with a P/N 0950-2496 power supply, that I would like to add an HP Opt 010 HS
Oven OCXO reference to that consists of a 10811-60160 OCXO mounted on a
53132-60011 Osc Support Board.


I am confused about how to do this based on what I read in the
Assembly-Level Service Guide and the CLIP that I downloaded from the
Keysight website.


The Opt 010/012 power supply that is referred to in the ALSG is P/N


As best I can tell, the power supplies are both 47W power supplies and the
only difference I can see is that the -9 VDC supply line is to a separate
connector (designed to connect to J2 on the Osc Support Board) rather than
to the connector that mates with J18 on the 53132-60014 Main Board.


My Osc Support Board is P/N 53132-60011 and has a number of parts populated
that are not on the P/N 53132-60016 Osc Support Board, that I was expecting
to receive.  It is designed to support the 53132-60010 Output Select Board
(as best I can tell from the marginally readable CLIP schematic) that I also
received.  The Osc Support Board also does not have a connector at J2.  In
addition, the ALSG refers to connecting the cable from the power supply to
J2 of the Osc Support Board 'if the two wire cable exists'.  What does this


Pictures of the 53132-60016 Osc Support Board that I have seen have a 'plug'
at J2 that connects pin 2 of J2 to pin 3.  These pins are connected to J4,
the connector to the 10811 installed on the Osc Support Board.  Pin 2 of J2
connects -9 VDC to pins 30 and 15 of J4, the 'GND' connector of the OVEN of
the 10811.  Pin 3 of J2 connects to 'GND' of the 53132-60011 (and
53132-60016) board.  This results in the OVEN of the 10811 being either
powered by 12 VDC if the 'plug' at J2 is in place, or 21 VDC if J2 is
connected to the -9 VDC supply.  The OVEN is spec'd at 20 to 30 V per the
manual for the 10811 that I have.


Is the 10811 is powered by 12 VDC in the 53132A or 21 VDC, depending on
whether there is a connection to the power supply or not?  I'm confused.


I would appreciate any information that anyone can supply regarding whether
there is a difference in the two power supplies, other than the connectors,
and whether or not the 10811 for the 531332A (Opt 010 being 10811-60160, Opt
012 being 10811-60260) is powered by 12 VDC or 21 VDC.


I suspect I need to provide the -9 VDC supply to J2 of the Osc Support
Board.  Do I also need to supply the -9 VDC supply to the main board of the
counter at J18?  Are these connections somehow already in place on my
531332-60014 Main Board and I do not need to bother installing a connector
on the Osc Support Board?


Also, what is the role of the 53132-60010 Output Select Board and where is
it installed?  If at all?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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