[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361 mystery LED resolved.

Luke Mester lmester60 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:28:41 EDT 2015

There are two LED's on the circuit board next to the power supply module.
One is green blinking. I'd never seen the other one on.

I needed to get them off of my bench power supply and onto a permanent
supply. I tried a 24V  3A supply. They must have been cheating a little on
the ratings. The voltage dropped down to about 16V when the oven heaters
fired up. I noticed that the mystery LED was lit. It's red. A good guess is
that it's a power fault indicator. The LED's are next to the black power
supply module. A picture is attached.

Also, Below is a link to some plots from Ulrich Bangert's Z38XX software of
the initial day of operation. The units had about 30 minutes of run time
before I got a permanent power supply, GPS Antenna  and RS-422 connection
set up. I thought it was interesting to see the graph of the EFC Value
slowly flattening out. I guess if I was asleep for 15 years It'd probably
take me a while to get going too :-)


Luke Mester
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