[time-nuts] Need advice for multilateration setup

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Apr 3 07:22:59 EDT 2015


On 03/28/2015 10:01 PM, Jim Lux wrote:
> On 3/28/15 10:27 AM, Bob Camp wrote:
>> Hi
>> So If the rocket continuously accelerates  at 10,000 G’s, you will get
>> a 20 ppm shift
>> with typical sensitivity.  If you do this for very long, you will also
>> get into time dilation issues.
>> (you hit 0.1C in < 2 minutes).
> 10,000G is more like an artillery shell.
> A large amateur rocket might be more like 20-30G maximum.

Also, it's not 10000 G for very long, it's the fireing moment, which is 
critical for any oscillator flying with it. The impact moment is somehow 
less important as it is intended to self-destruct most of the times.


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