[time-nuts] 58503A alarm light on

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sat Apr 4 20:21:32 EDT 2015

Bob wrote:

>I've seen the same sort of < 1 us holdover estimates out of mine as well.
>I for one do *not* believe that it's going to do 200 ns holdover in 24 hours

No, nor do I.  But I do expect <1uS.  Mine seems to stay within 
<500nS over the first 24 hours with regularity, although I haven't 
tested it very often.

>the objective of the prediction function was to decide if it could
>make 10 us over 24 hours
>    *   *   *
>In this case, a >11 us estimate says "I'm not going to make it". 
>That means the
>box is telling you it is not able to do what it should.

One expects a safety factor between the minimum spec and typical 
operation.  I'd be concerned if a 58503 was consistently 
predicting >2uS (to me, >2uS means "I may still meet spec, but I'm 
not as stable as I should be").

Best regards,


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