[time-nuts] Modern HW replacement for ATOM based NTP server?

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 21:57:11 EDT 2015

The ball bearing fan upgrade is the best idea.  Bater idea is to put
in a temperature controlled fan so it will spin slow or stop most of
the time.

I don't see the need to run each server on it's own hardware.  Put the
cashing DNS server on the same box as the NTP server.  Or if you do
have two boxes run the NTP server on both

In terms of performance, ARM based credit card sized computers do well
if you can get the PPS to the general purpose I/O pin that interrupts
on an edge.  the Pi can't do that the BeagleBone Black can and it sell
for $45.  It can share a power supply with your Thunderbolt,
literally, no fan and it can just "steel" power from any GPS receiver.

The BBB can like run a DNS server at the same time

On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 3:29 PM, Frank Hughes via time-nuts
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> Hi,Years ago this forum helped me put together my first GPSDO and NTP server. Using a then-popular INTEL ATOM board, FreeBSD w/ the NTP kernel, 1PPS input from aTB, works great. But as the years go by, HW improves/evolves and it might be time to recreate this functionin some other modern HW.
> Looking for a platform not needing a fan. While the ATOM and SSD seem to be OK w/o direct airflow, the Mini ITX Power Supply fan is needed.
> After three years, the stupid sleeve bearings are beginning to rattle........which led me to this design review.
> Recently built a Caching DNS for the home LAN using a "Technologic Systems TS-7250-V2, general purpose PC/104 embedded system " Runs Debian, 3.14 kernel.
> Hardware Description:800 MHz CPU (PXA166)512 MB RAMMicro SD card socketRTC with battery and temp compensationTemp Sensor10/100 ethernet port2 USB HS Host ports3x RS-232 serial ports3x TTL serial portsRS-485 portPC/104 connectorUSB device console port (Micro B connector)LCD and DIO Headers75 TTL DIO (including PC/104 conn)5VDC or 8-28VDC power inputA/D converter, 5 channels (with 4-20 mA current loop)
> A more expensive alternative to the Pi, but reasonable.
> Wondering if a TS-7250-V2 is worth a try for the NTP function, or if anyone here has already used one of thesefor NTP?
> Or other non-Pi alternatives? I would very much appreciate some guidance as to the HW/SW combinationthat would best replace the existing NTP server.
> - 1PPS is available from both a Trimble TB and a Jackson Labs Fury, so I could build a parallel system.
> Or just put a ball-bearing fan in...........73Frank HughesKJ4OLL
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