[time-nuts] Modern HW replacement for ATOM based NTP server?

Daniel Mendes dmendesf at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 00:09:18 EDT 2015

I think beagle bone black is the answer to this question (because rPi 
has a USB<->network interface that´s problematic) but i´ll let others 
that know more than me about this specific subject follow on....


On 06/04/2015 19:29, Frank Hughes via time-nuts wrote:
> Hi,Years ago this forum helped me put together my first GPSDO and NTP server. Using a then-popular INTEL ATOM board, FreeBSD w/ the NTP kernel, 1PPS input from aTB, works great. But as the years go by, HW improves/evolves and it might be time to recreate this functionin some other modern HW.
> Looking for a platform not needing a fan. While the ATOM and SSD seem to be OK w/o direct airflow, the Mini ITX Power Supply fan is needed.
> After three years, the stupid sleeve bearings are beginning to rattle........which led me to this design review.
> Recently built a Caching DNS for the home LAN using a "Technologic Systems TS-7250-V2, general purpose PC/104 embedded system " Runs Debian, 3.14 kernel.
> Hardware Description:800 MHz CPU (PXA166)512 MB RAMMicro SD card socketRTC with battery and temp compensationTemp Sensor10/100 ethernet port2 USB HS Host ports3x RS-232 serial ports3x TTL serial portsRS-485 portPC/104 connectorUSB device console port (Micro B connector)LCD and DIO Headers75 TTL DIO (including PC/104 conn)5VDC or 8-28VDC power inputA/D converter, 5 channels (with 4-20 mA current loop)
> A more expensive alternative to the Pi, but reasonable.
> Wondering if a TS-7250-V2 is worth a try for the NTP function, or if anyone here has already used one of thesefor NTP?
> Or other non-Pi alternatives? I would very much appreciate some guidance as to the HW/SW combinationthat would best replace the existing NTP server.
> - 1PPS is available from both a Trimble TB and a Jackson Labs Fury, so I could build a parallel system.
> Or just put a ball-bearing fan in...........73Frank HughesKJ4OLL
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