[time-nuts] Modern HW replacement for ATOM based NTP server v2

Frank Hughes hp_ciscovss at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 19:16:08 EDT 2015

WOW, thanks for all the info!!!I will use those cool DC-DC power converters on lots of project motherboards, now that I know they exist.Very interested in the "embedded systems" options, many more to select from than I had suspected, thanks.
I do not crave super precision for this NTP application, but would like to obtain at least what I have now w/ ATOM, and FreeBSD PPS Trimble TB configuration.
Did replace the sleeve bearing fan w/ ball bearing, so now the SPL is below 90db in the shack.Now have tolerable environment to contemplate and work on the new solution! 73FrankKJ4OLL

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