[time-nuts] Mini-time lab cost and maintenance

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
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A well-aged quartz oscillator will hold 1e-9 for many days, or even weeks.

But your 1e-10'ish requirement is more easily met by using a cheap surplus Rubidium oscillator (< $100 on eBay) or by using a GPSDO (< $200 on eBay). Depending on how you're using the frequency reference you might get by with just a Rubidium oscillator and a $20 to $40 GPS/1PPS source (e.g., https://www.adafruit.com/products/746) with monthly or yearly checks of frequency drift.


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I was thinking maybe something with an uncertainty of around 1e-9 or 1e-10. Are there simple quarts oscillators that are good enough for that or is more equipment necessary?

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Please be more specific. Where in the spectrum between sundial and atomic clock are you interested in?


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>I was wondering how expensive it would be to have even a small and lower
> level time lab. What are some less expensive models of machinery i would
> need, and how much maintenance is required?
> Thanks, Adam

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