[time-nuts] Vintage Crystal Oven

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Fri Apr 10 12:37:05 EDT 2015

Years ago, (70s maybe) I came across an empty crystal oven. I know I have it 
in one of the storage containers of old stuff in my garage, but I can't find 
it.  It was a proportional oven, but was otherwise an empty shell, so you 
could put your own circuitry inside (oscillator, voltage reference, etc.). 
Several small wires came out of it for power, temperature adjustment, e.g. 
Physical size was in the neighborhood of 1.5x1.5x3 inches.
As I remember, it was manufactured by one of the major crystal manufacturers 
of the day (e.g., Knight, Bliley, etc.)

Does anyone remember these ovens?  I'd surely like to get my hands on a 
couple or three to play with.  I search the net & Ebay occasionally for 
them, but so far, no hits.

Dave M 

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