[time-nuts] Ultra High Stability Time Base Options for 53132A

John Miles john at miles.io
Mon Apr 13 06:11:20 EDT 2015

> Squaring up a 10811 with a comparator is a perfect example of this
> principle.  Non-time-nuts always seem to gravitate to this design.
> Of course you're right, any comparator will add jitter to a 10811.
> The faster they are, the more jitter they add.

A comparator with less open-loop gain was what they needed.  Somebody at HP really liked ECL line receivers, though.  Those were very noisy at HF, but this had little or nothing to do with their bandwidth (see my other post.) 

To square up a 10 MHz signal from an OCXO it's hard to beat a simple diff amp with a pair of bipolars, a la Wenzel.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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