[time-nuts] Rakon OCXO (STP2777ALF) on eBay

Dan Watson watsondaniel3 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 21:58:01 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Has anyone experimented with the Rakon OCXO unit (STP2777ALF on a small board) that was on eBay for a while (seller: dasherdeals)? Just now as I was going to get a link to post, I discovered they have sold out of these units...

I got one this week. There was little information available from the seller, but I worked out the pinout of the connector, fired it up, and have some initial observations about the module. I also have a dump of the EEPROM on the board, which I need to analyze. If this information would be useful to anyone else that picked up a module, please let me know.

On this flip side, if this unit has already been analyzed in detail, please point me in the direction of that info. I was not able to find anything online.


Dan W.

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