[time-nuts] Immortal Power

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sat Apr 18 02:42:59 EDT 2015

Timenuts who want to keep their oscillators oscillating regardless of
fluctuations in the power grid need a reliable Uninterruptible Power
Supply. The reference to "immortal power" is to an ancient and very
amusing account of UPS and DEC Vaxen.

As part of the decommissioning of my time lab, I offer a Liebert 2 KVA
sine wave IT UPS from the late 90s. I acquired it, found and replaced a
bad capacitor, and set it up with 8 external 12 V 15 AH batteries. It
worked without fail , including a power outage while a HV underground
cable was replaced, for 7 years before a battery went bad.

How about $195 for it? The catch is, the buyer has to supply the 96 VDC
in batteries.

Please write for details to bill at iaxs.net.

Bill Hawkins

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