[time-nuts] Visual clock comparison

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Sat Apr 18 10:02:52 EDT 2015


Many years ago while standing around (between races) with some pretty good stopwatches, a group of us decided to see
just how well a set of people could time the same pair of start / stop events. Our conclusion was that as a
group we could get agreement to +/- 1/5 second pretty consistently once we practiced a bit. 

The obvious caveat: Since practice was involved, there could have been some “I’m clicking late, need to click
sooner” feedback in the process. 


> On Apr 17, 2015, at 2:16 PM, d0ct0r <time at patoka.org> wrote:
> Hello, Netizens !
> I am wandering what is the average human ability to visually compare two clocks ? Let say I have XClock application running on one machine (stratum 1 NTP) and I have my project clock close by. And I would like to match the reading. If I'll see the difference, which range it will be ? 100ms or so ?
> I also tried to use my ears (CHU radio signals and clock display, NRC phone line). However NRC "Talking Clock" could be routed via Satelite which will compromise the "reading" a little bit. Thanks !
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