[time-nuts] Visual clock comparison

Fotis Georgatos kefalonia at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 04:19:43 EDT 2015


I don't know what you consider as "listening device", but the ear has
fantastic ability
to hear slightly differentiating sounds:
On the basis of that, someone could "listen" time and detect even very
minor differences in sync,
far below the base frequency (ie. think of multiplying with a PLL the PPS
by a 440 factor).


On 18 April 2015 at 07:45, Bill Beam <wbeam at gci.net> wrote:

> Try this:  Listen to time ticks thru earphones (zero time delay) and
> loudspeaker (1ms/ft delay) simultaneously.
> I am unable to hear a difference out to 15 -20ft away from the speaker.
> This is consist with <
> http://whirlwindusa.com/support/tech-articles/opening-pandoras-box/>
> Delays of order 2-4ms between right and left ear will be perceived as
> sound coming from left or right,
> and not perceived as a time difference.
> Bill Beam
> NL7F
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