[time-nuts] Tuning a Trimble Thunderbolt

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 20 22:46:38 EDT 2015

On 4/20/15 7:25 PM, Charles Steinmetz wrote:

> Unfortunately, you are unlikely to do any better than this with the
> antenna location you described.  Time to buy a house, with no tall trees
> nearby.  (You may already have heard that time-nuttiness can be
> expensive....  ;-)

Actually, what you want is an isolated mountain top of solid granite 
connected to a big pluton below, with a nice drilled anchor.  Your 
laboratory/lair can be in a cave below the mountain top.

Being on top of a tall mountain also reduces the effect of atmospheric 
effects, but will increase the solid earth tides (and, of course, you 
are closer to the moon and sun).

I wonder if being on top of a dormant volcano (e.g. Mt. Waialeale on 
Kauai) would be stable.  An active volcano (Mauna Kea/Mauna Loa) is 
going to be moving around a lot.  Tahiti, perhaps?  Nice pleasant 
weather.  Mt. Roriama in Venezuela appears to be well above the 
surroundings, but is quite flat on top, so you'd need a structure to get 
your choke ring antenna up high enough.  Close to the equator too.

As the previous poster pointed out, serious time-nuttery can get expensive.

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