[time-nuts] Tuning a Trimble Thunderbolt

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 22 16:13:18 EDT 2015

A couple of thinks to note:

Before running the auto-calibration feature,  first set the antenna elevation mask angle to a low value and let it run for a few (say 12) hours.  This will collect data on the received signal strength vs satellite elevation angle.  The auto-calibration routine sets the elevation filter value based upon what it sees.  If you don't lower the elevation filter value before running the auto-calibration,  Lady Heather can't make a good guess at the appropriate elevation angle filter value to use for your location.

And let Lady Heather automatically store the calculated survey-position in EEPROM.  The manual location entry is limited to using single-precision numbers and is only accurate to a few feet.

Once your oscilllator has settled down (usually takes about a month for a unit fresh off the boat from the Old Kingdom),  you should probably re-run the calibration feature and precision survey.

5) run the auto-calibration feature in LH
6) run a 48 hour survey with LH and write the location to ee memory 		 	   		  

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