[time-nuts] HP5328A & HP5328B option 040

VK2DAP vk2dap at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 03:20:19 EDT 2015

Dear time-nuts,

I have a question about the HP5328A and HP5328B universal counters.

1) Generally speaking, would it be correct to say that when a product model number changes from A to B, that represents an improvement or major update to a product?

2) I am interested in the "delay" option that is mentioned in the user manual for the HP5328A (option 040). My question is simple. Why does this option not feature in the HP5328B, but only as option 040 on the HP5328A?

My first post on the time-nuts forum. I'm sorry if this question has previously been addressed. I made a search but was unable to find an answer.



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