[time-nuts] I wish to shorten GPS antenna cable - should I let receiver find the position again?

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 08:03:29 EDT 2015

I have an HP 58503A which I am using as a frequency source only - not
to tell the time. I want to shorted the antenna cable a bit, but are
wondering if I should let the GPS receiver finds it position again. Or
either of the following better

* Remove antenna cable, put a new N plug on, and screw it back in with
the receiver kept powered up all the time.
* Power off GPS receiver and power it back on with the cable connected.

I'm not moving the antenna, so the actual position will not change,
but of course the signals will get to the receiver a bit sooner.

Dave, G8WRB

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