[time-nuts] Tektronix Sample Heads

ed breya eb at telight.com
Fri Apr 24 15:51:01 EDT 2015

Yes, I think those were from the era when service info became sparse - 
treated as modules or black boxes -  unlike the products from the good 
old days, which had much more info available.  I believe the SD26 is to 
fit in the Tek 11801B or other 11000 series sampling scope setups. A 
quick look in the Tek catalogs circa late 1980s to the 1990s should help 
to ID various models. Check the usual manual sites such as bama or 
ko4bb, or maybe even Tek has some info available. You may be able to get 
some more info if there are manuals available for these scopes

Also, if you plan to use it as an independent sampler, it will not do 
much on its own. Remember it's just the sampling head - a modular 
front-end that determines the performance, but only within the proper 
support environment. The scopes have the circuitry and smarts to operate 
the heads to get useful results. It is extremely far from trivial. The 
simplest way to use it would be to get one of the scopes.

As David suggested, the tekscopes group should be the best resource.


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