[time-nuts] Once again about counter calibration

d0ct0r time at patoka.org
Fri Apr 24 17:45:59 EDT 2015


The input: HP 5386A which I would like to calibrate, Well warmed Tremble 
Thunderbolt (1PPS only), 10 Mhz Datum OCXO (unknown accuracy), Rigol 
1101E Oscilloscope.

The goal is to calibrate counter to read the Datum OCXO.


Reading the manual for 5386A, there is simple schema for calibration:

1. Connect HP 5386A 10Mhz OUTPUT to Oscilloscope
2. Connect Frequency Standard to Ext. Trigger on Oscilloscope
3. Adjust the frequency on 5386A TCXO for minimum sideways movement of 
10 Mhz signal

However, my Trimble TB 10Mhz output is currently in use. I have only 
1PPS signal available. The HP manual do not mention what exactly 
frequency needs to be on "Frequency Standard" connected to Ext. Trigger. 
Is there any method/option I could apply to calibrate HP counter ?

Thanks !



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