[time-nuts] Tektronix Sample Heads

Ivan Cousins ivanjcousins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 23:42:28 EDT 2015

Since I was working at Tektronix at the time, I still remember the first
instruments that were in the family.

Like the main frames 11801, 11802, CSA801, CSA802, CSA803, etc and sampling
heads SD-20, SD-22, SD-24, etc.

You can try a google search like "Tektronix 11801 filetype:pdf".
You can also try a google search like "Tektronix SD-24 filetype:pdf".

If you want to know more about google filetypes, enter "google filetype
search" into a google search.

To find out more about sampling heads you can look for information on the
instruments they connect to.

w140.com has a lot of information on both the mainframes and the sampling


It is good to know more google-fu.
It is even better to be able to still remember about any of this.   :)

Ivan Cousins

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