[time-nuts] A Open Source GPIB project

Hui Zhang ba6it at 163.com
Sat Apr 25 23:42:36 EDT 2015


Here is a open source GPIB project that developed by some Chinese amateurs, the developer released all of the information about hardware and software, including circuit diagram, PCB diagram, firmware source code, communication protocol and upper computer PC program (late on). The project name is CARE.If you are interested you can build your own CARE, but please don’t use this open source project for commercial purpose.


WiFi  expand interface (6 IOs + 3.3V power supply)

Sensor expand interface (2 IOs + 3.3V power supply)

j-link SWD mode interface

TF Card slot

RJ-45 connector (100Mbps)

USB (via CP2102 connect to LPC1768, can be set to ARM inside USB connect by jumper)

Mode Switch (Online or offline acquire)

MCU: LPC1768

USB TO 232: CP2102

Network PHY: LAN8720A

Temperature sensor: DS18B20, DHT22 and other model single bus sensor will be support at late version.

GPIB interface chip: SN75160,SN75162

PCB size:60mm*100mm


CARE firmware:  https://git.oschina.net/gpib/CARE.git

Upper Compter program: https://git.oschina.net/xknife/MonitorKnife.git (Under Construction)

Circuit diagram and PCB: https://git.oschina.net/gpib/CARE-DXP.git

BOM list: http://bbs.38hot.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=115514 BOM_GPIB.rar

(will put file in GIT late)


Protocol mode:

1, Transport protocol transfer mode, the GPIB address of equipment can be user define of LAN USB and WIFI port

2, The developers defined GPIB protocol, support multi-address and multi-equipment, the protocol file is (so far, only Chinese language version)




Testing tool”

1, Some Serial port tools like as sscom 3.2; send HEX or ASCII command to CARE via serial port;

2,TPC&UDP testing tools, send control or SCPI command to CARE via Ethernet port;

3,ASCII code converting tool


The project is not over, so far, the hardware part is OK, but the code of offline acquire and Talk Only function is not finish. (coming soon….), some various equipments were tested by SCPI or old HP GPIB command, they work very well.


The Care Project Post in Chinese 38hot forum, many pics:



This open source project can't be used for commercial purpose.

The main developer’s email: guangzhao at 163.com

 Have a fun!

Hui Zhang /BA6IT

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