[time-nuts] Divider circuit for Rubidium Standard

Bryan _ bpl521 at outlook.com
Sun Apr 26 06:51:54 EDT 2015


Picked up a FE 5680B from Ebay awhile back. Appears to work fine, but is limited to a 1pps output. However there is a point on the PCB that's documented that has a 20Mhz output. There is actually a clean 60Mhz output as well.


I would like to tap this 20mhz output and feed it to a divider/buffer circuit for a 10Mhz output at 50ohm. Can anyone recommend a good schematic for such a purpose. I was looking at the project from David partridges web site http://www.perdrix.co.uk/FrequencyDivider/index.html

Cheers and thanks in advance.


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