[time-nuts] Lab upgrade

Jason Ball jason at ball.net
Sun Aug 2 10:16:09 EDT 2015

The fault was found by somebody with a heck of a lot more experience than
yours truly.

Turns out the 5v regulator had shorted out, a protection diode did it's
thing and popped the fuse protecting the rest of the system.

On 29 Jul 2015 2:49 am, "Robert LaJeunesse" <lajeunesse at mail.com> wrote:

> One of the cheap and dirty ways to find a short is current tracing. Use a
> voltage and current limited source and a matching detector to find where
> the current flows. I've used a current limited DC supply as the source and,
> for the detector, an old DVM with 10uV resolution. For an AC approach a
> simple audio oscillator (or function generator) works nicely as the source,
> while a the detector starts with an audio playback tape head (from an old
> VCR), then some sort of amplifier-speaker, or maybe just an oscilloscope.
> If you are lucky you have an old HP logic pulser and current tracer set
> that do the same thing...
> Bob L.
> > ...
> >
> > I'll buzz out the pins on  the connnector there and see if I can find the
> > probably short and let people know.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Jason

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