[time-nuts] Measurement resolution to be improved

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Sun Aug 2 03:18:01 EDT 2015


For the measurement of Allan Deviation my configuration consists of a HP53132A and TIMELAB.

I verified that the best resolution is  using the universal counter as a frequency counter. 
Using the time interval counter with 1 PPS input is definitely has a more precise measurement but the resolution collapses dramatically making useless measurements on DUT with good/excellent stability.

I tried to use the Dual Mixer Time Difference but the Phase Wrap   is very difficult to manage during the measurements  and so I abandoned the project.
I have no specific experience but it seems to me that a good solution is the one applied in the A7 Quartzlock, very expensive machine and hard to find used in hobbyist prices.

I'd like to find a solution that would allow me to improve a hundred times or more the resolution that I currently have with my setup without sacrificing TIMELAB.

The question I ask you is this: is there a solution to this problem with features want from me with costs under 1500 dollars/euros?

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