[time-nuts] wtd: WWVB info

Donald donvukovic at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 15:41:34 EDT 2015

On 8/4/2015 9:36 PM, Hal Murray wrote:
> kb8tq at n1k.org said:
>> So far there have not been any home brew design radios show up that will
>> demodulate and lock to the new data format. There is plenty of info on the
>> transmit format. The demodulation approach is not crazy hard. That said,
>> there’s still a lot of work to get a receiver running.
> Has anybody looked into a software approach?  What sort of front end would
> you want?

I have been looking at building a "Tayloe Detector".

I have not seen any sites that have shown a 60Khz receiver based using a 
Tayloe Detector tho.

If anyone has experience with this type of direct conversion receivers, 
please share any experiences.


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