[time-nuts] wtd: WWVB info

Donald donvukovic at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 22:38:29 EDT 2015

I wish to thank you all for the information presented here about WWVB 

A few years ago I had been building some LED clocks for friends, more 
art then electronics.
Those clocks had a WWVB receiver I got from Digikey.

Today I am re-visiting those clocks as Word Clocks.
Letters instead of numbers forming words, I am sure you have seen them 

People keep saying there are WWVB chips available, but I can not find 
any chips.
When I ask for information about these chips, no response.
I have asked about discrete designs and Digital designs, no response.
I am not able to design these myself. So any tangible information would 

Ok, I can not get chips/modules here in the US.
I do find modules from Europe and China.

I am in Boulder, Colorado.
This is where Sparkfun is located.
I asked them about the receiver modules they had carried for years,
They said they can not get them any more, OK.

But why ?

Nobody knows.

Digikey won't even answer my emails about them.

I had asked a China manufacture for 2 units, but they can not sell me 2 
But if I buy 20 units (I would be a manufacture) then they can sell them 
to me.

So, bottom line.

I can only get modules from Europe/China at $20 each.


If I have come across too <pick your favorite term>, I apologize.

I thought this would be a simple question with a simple answer.

On another note, I have found a WiFi module for $3.00 and I can connect 
to an NNTP server.
ESP-8266, if you need a serial to WiFi connection.

I will re-start my project with a new direction.

Thank You for your response.


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