[time-nuts] Another Free Stuff/Cheap Stuff day at Sphere Research in Kelowna, BC

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Mon Aug 10 12:38:01 EDT 2015

Thanks to a leaky pipe and flooded floor, we have to remove EVERYTHING to allow 
the floor to be re-built.
So, we decided to have our free stuff/cheap stuff event at the same time, and 
there will be TONS of electronic stuff,
including time code units (of special interest to time nuts fans), high end test 
gear, Tek, HP, fluke and other parts, all kinds of crystal oscillators and misc. 
weird technical stuff and books, and yes, even slide rules.  it will be on the 
labor day long weekend, open 8am to 4:30pm, saturday Sept. 5th and monday Sept. 
7th.  if you are travelling up here just for this, yes, we will also open for 
you on sunday, but not so early, and you will have to bring coffee.

We have all kinds of strange RF bits, from filters and microwave parts to hp 
sweeper scales and power meters, cables and sensors as well as cables, 
connectors and adaptors. Past visitors have had a lot of fun, and left with tons 
of stuff. Anybody need compaq/hp server scsi drives?  we have a pile of good 
ones. Also tubes of ICs, MOSFETs and other semiconductor goodies.  Need high 
quality end mills? let us know! We also have bags of bubble wrap and peanuts for 
packing. Using PMI/Wavetek 1038 Scalar analyzers?  we have tons of plugs ins, 
sensors, and a few frames.

We are in beautiful West Kelowna, BC, just off highway 97, next to Quails Gate 
Vineyard (3394 Sunnyside Rd.), email walter2 at sphere.bc.ca for more details. Yes, 
we take specific requests, as it's impossible to put everything out, so we are 
happy to cater to your particular interests. we will give away a pile of nice 
nylon portable equipment bags while they last. There will be cheap scopes, power 
supplies, power meters, sensors, really cheap Fluke DMMs, and many partial/bad 
units for free. You are certain to find something you will like.  You can call 
us at (250) 769-1834.

Hope to see you soon!

Walter Shawlee 2, President
Sphere Research Corporation
3394 Sunnyside Rd.,  West Kelowna,  BC
V1Z 2V4  CANADA  Phone: (250) 769-1834
walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
WS2: We're all in one boat, no matter how it looks to you.
Love is all you need. (John Lennon)
But, that doesn't mean other things don't come in handy. (WS2)

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