[time-nuts] KS-24361 EFC Error

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Tue Aug 11 20:37:33 EDT 2015


I think the salient detail on that data sheet is the phrase “up to” in front of the +/- 10V number. There
is little doubt that HP bought these to a custom spec. They certainly bought enough for that to be the
case. Single sided (zero to something) DAC’s are easier / cheaper / smaller to implement these days 
than double side versions. That was true (but less so) back two decades ago when they designed these beasts.  
There are far more OCXO’s made with 0 to Vref on the EFC than any of the other flavors.


> On Aug 11, 2015, at 7:40 PM, Dave M <dgminala at mediacombb.net> wrote:
> The OCXO in these units is the MTI-Milliren model 260.  According to its datasheet, the tuning voltage range is -10Vto +10V. (http://www.mti-milliren.com/pdfs/260.pdf)
> Cheers,
> Dave M
> GandalfG8--- via time-nuts wrote:
>> Bevor I heat up the big soldering iron to remove the OCXO, I wanted to
>> ask if anybody else experienced this before and if anybody can confirm
>> that tuning voltage range is indeed 0..6 Volt. If so, replacing the
>> should cure the problem.
>> Hi Mathias
>> I've not experience your problem with the KS-24361, but I  have
>> tested a
>> few of these oscillators stand alone and can confirm that the
>> reference voltage output has always been approximately 6 Volts and
>> they do  accept an EFC tuning voltage range of 6 Volts.
>> Other than one faulty unit, on all those I've tested the EFC voltage
>> has
>> been very close to 3 Volts when the oscillator frequency was within a
>> few parts in 10^11 of 5 MHz.
>> For example, looking back at a couple of test results, one was at
>> 2.9725 Volts and another at 3.0970 Volts.
>> Regards
>> Nigel
>> Hey, hows about that, It seems like I might finally have found a way
>> to
>> reply to list messages straight from the archives without  receiving
>> them by email:-)
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