[time-nuts] More serial ports in NanoBSD

Willy Willemse Willy.Willemse at telenet.be
Wed Aug 12 16:26:01 EDT 2015

Hi all,


I have a got a NanoBSD image with NTPns from Jason Rabel because I am a
complete noob in FreeBSD, I tried to build an image but there were so many
pitfalls for me that I asked Jason for a copy of his image.


It works fine on my soekris NET4501, but I want also use the time signal
from the DCF-77 transmitter not just the oncore signal.


Therefore I bought an extra mini-PCI serial card


But the image doesn't support more than two serial ports. There is a way to
add extra serial ports but this means that you have to build a new image.
And that is what I can't do in this moment. The closest I found from
education in this neighborhood is a Linux course which I now follow.


My question is, if somebody from the Time-Nuts society have an image laying
around which support a third and a fourth serial port? 


Or even better show me the way to update my existing image with the extra





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