[time-nuts] A few questions about Tboltmon

Alex Pummer alex at pcscons.com
Fri Aug 14 21:34:20 EDT 2015

an other way to keep lightening damage away,  to use one 1/4 wave length 
stud, and bank on it, that the lightening will not transmit with full 
power on the GPS frequencies.....that trick is widely used on TV 
transmitter antennas, The only issue is that it is not very handy to 
have piece of cable, cca 4cm long, and the length of the cable has to be 
tried out with the available cable, -- with a piece of a semi-rigged 
cable teflon isolated,  the shorting factor is around 0,76.
If there is DC in the line, the end of the 1/4 wave length  cable can 
not be shorted, but connected to a large capacity -- up to 5µF ceramic 
SMD brick-capacitor, that will prevent the short and also a spike to 
travel on the line,
The stud length could be set with a network analyzer; the electrically 
1/4Wave length, and at at the end shorted coax cable looks like open or 

On 8/14/2015 5:31 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> The GPS RX arrestors are something that come up from time to time.
> They often have strange custom part numbers and very limited data.
> Sometimes the only practical way to figure out what’s what is to buy one
> and see. If it’s the right sort of unit once you check it out, the hope is that
> there are still some left. An awful lot of these went into cell towers and
> the install kits for them. The “give away” spec listed on the parts is often only
> that they cover the GPS band and not much else. The crazy thing is that
> often the enclosed instructions have a few details (often as cautions like
> “do not exceed 25V or 2W RF”) that let you know you have the right gizmo.
> I really can’t complain a lot about that. Since they are “nobody knows” sort
> of part they go for < $20 and not > $50.
> Bob
>> On Aug 14, 2015, at 7:37 PM, Gregory Beat <w9gb at icloud.com> wrote:
>> If anyone needs some if the Arrestors for outdoor GPS antennas
>> with "F" connectors (Trimble Bullet antenna) ... I think ai still have some spares
>> In my installation parts boxes.
>> Love to trade for an "N" version (which I ran out of), or postage and offers.
>> greg
>> w9gb
>> Sent from iPad Air
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