[time-nuts] Need Pinouts & data for McCoy MC834X4 OXCO

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Sat Aug 15 20:12:04 EDT 2015

I picked up a NOS McCoy MC834X4-014W OXCO today at the Huntsville AL 
hamfest.  I've searched, but not found any really useful information about 
Does anyone have any data on it?  I especially need pinouts and operating 
voltage.  The rest, I can figure out.

It seems to be similar to the Oak model 4834.  The width and length 
dimensions match, but the height of the McCoy unit is about 1/4" taller than 
the Oak.  The pin arrangements are the same, but I'm not really sure if 
their functions are the same.

Help is really appreciated!
Dave M 

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