[time-nuts] Heol N024 GPS for TS-2100 Failure

Gerhard Wittreich gerhard at wittreich.org
Sun Aug 16 17:49:56 EDT 2015

After 2-3 months of stable operation I noticed today that the "Tracking"
and "Locked" lights on my upgraded (w/ Heol Design N024 GPS board) TS-2100
were not lit.  I tried to access the GPS board but got a "GPS Engine Busy"
and "*** err *** handshake timeout" error.  Everything else appears to be
functioning.  Basic troubleshooting (ie. restart and reseating the board)
have not resolved the issue.  It looks like a GPS board failure.  I've
contact Heol Design this evening and am waiting for a reply.

I assume no one else has seen this problem.  I look forward to how they

--Gerhard R Wittreich, P.E.

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