[time-nuts] Need help with Lucent/Symmetricom Z3810AS

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Aug 17 00:27:58 EDT 2015

hbreuer at debitel.net said:
> I bought a Lucent/Symmetricom Z3810AS from the source on eBay and powered it
> up today for the first time. After 11 hours the RFTG-u and REF1 module is
> still showing "STBY" while the RFTG-u and REF0 module is "ON".  Is this ok
> or should the RFTG-u and REF1 module show "ON" also? 

That's the normal pattern.

> I did not try to connect a PC to get any status info because I am no
> computer wizard. In fact I have two left hands regarding computers. 

You really need that connection if you want to understand what is going on.  
Can you get a friend to help?  My setup is currently working without a 
RS422-RS232 converter.  I did have troubles a while ago with a different PC.  
I assume the problem was poor grounding.

The "No GPS" LED on my REF-1 blinks when I disconnect the antenna and goes on 
solid if I move the antenna to a crappy position (or for a while after I 
reconnect the antenna).  The same LED on the REF-0 goes on after a short 
delay - no blinking.

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