[time-nuts] MtronPTI M9101 GPSDO

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That's great news, thank you, and just what I was looking for:-)
During my earlier searches I did come across an Mtron press release  from 
2010 detailing collaboration between themselves and JLT but it  stated that 
the first product from that would be the Mtron 9107 so I just  assumed that 
any prior numbering such as the M9101 would be a  uniquely Mtron product and 
didn't think to investigate further.
I must remember not to take things for granted:-)
Regards, and thanks again,
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The MtronPTI M9101 is just a private labeled Jackson Labs  FireFly-IIA.  
You can download the Jackson Labs manual for the  FireFly-IIA at the support 
section of our website here:




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I've  been trying to locate a manual for the MtronPTI M9101 series   GPSDOs,
an M9103 series manual would probably also be ok.

There  are references and links online to a PDF manuals section on the
MtronPTI  web site but those links just bring up errors and they seem to  
removed everything other than the data sheets.

If anybody has  a copy they can share, or perhaps point me in the right
direction to  where I might find one, that would be very much  appreciated.


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