[time-nuts] "Vanguard Ultra precision Golden Oscillator"

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Sun Aug 23 12:13:47 EDT 2015

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your comments and I did wonder about the plating, in the  photo 
for the auction number I gave I couldn't decide if the bottom of the can  
was corroded or just badly plated.

Mainstream TCXO's moved entirely to surface-mount many years ago.
 These "Vanguard" DIP units have to be washed/replated RFE parts. It's a
 shame they are so completely relabeled because the original
 manufacturer/part number is nowhere to be found, and I'm sure this lost
 info would be interesting to a time-nut. They seem to be especially popular
 with audiophools (probably the gold).
 Tim N3QE

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