[time-nuts] 3 corner hat for phase noise

John Miles john at miles.io
Tue Aug 25 17:40:18 EDT 2015

Actually, after typing all that, it occurred to me that you might have actually meant to ask about N-cornered stability measurements.  They aren't supported by the current official release of TImeLab; you need to use the beta version from http://www.miles.io/timelab/beta.htm .  

For instructions, hit 'e' to bring up the Trace Properties dialog box and move your mouse cursor over the 'Source A/Source B' fields.  These allow you to add channel labels to existing .tim files.  For TimePod acquisitions, it's easier to name the sources at acquisition time.  Hover over the 'Ch 0/Ch 1/Ch 2' and 'Stability' fields on the Advanced tab of the acquisition dialog to see how to do that.  

Contrary to what the help text says, the TimeLab manual hasn't yet been updated, so the help text is all there is, as far as documentation goes.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

> One nice thing about phase noise is that it's computable with complex FFTs,
> rather than the one-dimensional phase or frequency differences that ADEV
> uses...

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