[time-nuts] monitoring NTP servers?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Aug 26 14:15:17 EDT 2015

anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com said:
> Is there a ready made set of scripts for monitoring a bunch of NTP servers?
> Preferably for generic unix/linux like ubuntu. 

ntpd includes optional logging facilities to collect most of the raw data you 
might want to analyze.

Details are in monopt.html  If you don't have a copy on your local system, 
try installing something like ntp-doc.  If you get a version off the web, try 
to find one with a version that matches the version of ntpd that you are 

loopstats contains the offset and drift and ...  That offset is ntpd's 
opinion of the offset which may be buggy.  If you have a PPS input, the time 
on your local system is probably "good" relative to internet times.

rawstats will have 4 time stamps for each pair of packets exchanged.  Those 
are the time the request left your system, the time it arrived at the remove 
server, the time the response left the remove server, and the time it arrived 
back at your system.  If you assume the network delays are symmetric and the 
time on the remote server is correct, then you can compute the offset of your 
local clock.  If you assume the clocks are both correct, you can compute the 
network delay in each direction.

peerstats has the offset to each server after filtering.

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