[time-nuts] Trimble GPS board

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 19:12:45 EDT 2015

Here is an update on the 57964-60 GPSDO board that I
bought. After figuring out what it needed for power
(it is definitely 5.6-6.0VDV) and communications as I
previously posted, I built it into a nice enclosure
and fed the 10 Mhz output into my modified Tbolt so
I could get a graph of the output. The graph doesn't
show the first 10 minutes after power-up because the
10 Mhz isn't active until the GPS locks. It looks to
be a pretty reasonable GPSDO in a small package. The
labels on the front and back panels are just in the
photoshop pictures shown in the link below and I haven't
made the physical labels yet. Note that I did remove
the on-board LEDs and reset switch and then mounted
replacements on the front panel where they would be

I have no idea what equipment these GPSDOs were used in
so I have no idea whether there is going to be a lot of
them appearing for sale in the future or just a few. I
hope that if there are a lot of these available someone
with the knowledge can make a Lady Heather type program
to see what the thing is doing. Using a terminal emulator
program works but is really clunky.



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