[time-nuts] Sphere's Stuff Day coming this friday, Sept. 5th!

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Sun Aug 30 13:59:44 EDT 2015

We will have (literally) tons of free electronic parts and gear, plus some very 
interesting Time Nuts goodies, including an assortment of time code displays, 
counters, generators and converters left for just $25 ea.  We even have some 
giant 4 foot wide time displays, make your own mission control site!  There are 
also many Fluke, HP, Tek, GR, PMI/Wavetek, Boonton and other items, both free 
and for very low prices. There's at least 3 scalar analyzers, many microwave 
power meters, two noise sources, and freshly overhauled Fluke DMM's for just $39 
with new leads.  There's a pile of totally free new Chinese DMM's we bought, and 
just didn't like, it just re-affirms my opinion hat Fluke really does make the 
best handheld DMMs.  Also a nice mix of high end counters, inexpensive scopes 
and some freshly cal'd HP 8656B's generators if anyone is interested. I also 
found a big pile of mint HP scope probes, for scopes to 250Mhz, with all the 
accessories, very hard to find. There's some Tek Logic Analyzer pod kits (new) 
still left, as well as some 7K plug ins, a 5K scope and misc. Tek spares and new 
boards that keep turning up in the strangest places.

We have to remove EVERYTHING on the bottom floor to re-do the water damaged wood 
floor, so we are going to get rid of a lot of stuff to make this job a bit 
easier.  ALSO, we have a big pile of generic, Tek and HP CRTs, we will put them 
out at just $25 each, but you *HAVE TO RSVP* and indicate *what you are 
interested in*, it's a lot of work and many trips to get them set out for the 
event.  If no comments, we won't set them out. There will also be a lot of RF 
tubes and euro tubes for radio guys, and some RF wattmeters, lightning 
arrestors, amps and other goodies for the radio-amateurs. Also many PMI/Wavetek 
1038 plug ins, hp 8660 series plug ins, and Argo Systems precision frequency 
generator plug ins (including a spare 10Mhz rubidium clock).  We will put them 
out if we get feedback, otherwise no.  They will go dirt cheap.

Also a last minute addition, we have piles of *STK 100W low distortion audio amp 
modules* and new PCBs we made for them, just $10 for a set.  Plus, some 
fantastic high performance speakers to make your own systems with, up to 6"x9" 
with coaxial tweeters. High power resistor loads for amp testing too.

Yes, we do take requests, if you are interested in something specific, PLEASE 
LET US KNOW in advance, there usually isn't much time at the event to look after 
those issues, and it is so much easier for everybody to arrange it in advance..

We are in British Columbia, right above Washington state, about 5 hours from 
Seattle.  If you need navigation help or more info, please email or call Susan 
at the number below. The event will start at 8:30am saturday the 5th of 
Setember, until 4:30pm.  We also have to open sunday afternoon for a few late 
travelers, so noon to 4:30pm on sunday the 6th.

Hope to see you up here!  We have people coming from BC, Alberta, Washington and 
Oregon, and everybody has a pretty good time here, so I encourage you to come up 
and snorkel around in the goodies.

all the best,
walter  (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca)

Walter Shawlee 2, President
Sphere Research Corporation
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